Eye Wear and Sunglasses for Sailing

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Fast tacks, bright sun reflecting off the water and sails, spray from the waves, and weather that changes at a moment's notice. Sailors deal with these conditions when they are out on the water, and they require eye wear that can handle the challenge.

That's where Julbo's sailing sunglasses come in. Julbo sunglasses are known far and wide for their lens quality—all so important when you are on the water.

As the name suggests, Julbo's Octopus® lens was made for the water environment. Photochromic and polarizing, the Octopus® lens darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light, provides anti-dazzle protection and high-definition vision. The water-shedding hydrophobic coating is ideal for sailing and other water sports.

Julbo's Falcon® lens has a photochromic and polarizing lens that gets darker or lighter in accordance with the intensity of the light. It offers protection category 2 to 3. The lens eliminates glare from all reflective surfaces — water, tarmac, glass, etc. — and provides the purest of vision. An anti-reflective coating reduces eye strain and eliminates interference glare. The oil-repellent coating prevents finger or grease marks and makes cleaning easier.


Come find out why sailors in Europe have come to rely on Julbo for high-performance sunglasses for sailing.

Sailing sunglasses in action

Why athletes recommend these Julbo sunglasses for sailing:

  • The Octopus® and Falcon® photochromic lenses darken or lighten depending on the light’s intensity
  • Lenses are water-repellent, making water slide off the lens and preventing water molecules from forming hydrogen bonds
  • Several sunglasses offer an optional optical clip, enabling prescription lens wearers to take full advantage of the Julbo's lens technology
  • The sunglasses have a wrap-around style and wide temples to maximize protection
  • Elastomer shock absorbers at sides offer added comfort and performance

Julbo Sunglasses for Sailing

Some of these sailing sunglasses are available as prescription sunglasses — RX Trem™.

Swell - RX Trem available
Whoops - RX Trem available
Bivouak - RX Trem available
Pipeline - RX Trem available
Outside Online

Wave named Outside Gear of the Year!

“The goggles-ish Waves are rapture for river runners, stand-up paddlers, and the rest of the watersports set,” says Outside Magazine. “Julbo’s polarized polycarbonate lenses handle light conditions from low to noontime bright and mitigate the glare that makes open water an optical hell.”

The Wave is available with the Octopus® or Polarized 3+ lens.