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Julbo Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sports sunglasses

With Julbo’s RX Trem™ prescription sunglasses, Julbo offers high-tech prescription sunglasses with lenses that are specifically cut to perfectly match the curved shape of our frames and provide greater viewing comfort in all situations. With a selection of photochromic NXT® lenses and a variety of frames, Julbo provides wearers of prescription eyewear with customized and ultra-high-performance solutions adapted to their sporting activities.

At this time Julbo can fill single focus prescriptions (not bifocal or progressive prescriptions).

Available Lenses

Julbo’s RX Trem™ prescription sunglasses are available with the following high-performance
NXT® photochromic lenses: Zebra®, Zebra Light ®Camel®, Octopus® and Falcon®.

Prescription Tester

Enter your prescription below to find out which Julbo frames can accommodate your personal prescription. This is the same information that will be required when you place your RX Trem™ order.

Prescription Tips

  • At this time Julbo can fill single focus prescriptions (not bifocal or progressive prescriptions).
  • Julbo highly recommends that you obtain your right and left eye Pupillary Distance measurements from a licensed eye doctor or optician. Many optical stores will provide this service free of charge.  PD must be between 27 and 37.
  • If your prescription does not have a value for cylindrical and axis, you may enter 0.
  • Please double-check your prescription and make sure that any plus (+) and minus (-) signs have been entered correctly.
Your Prescription
Pupillary Distance (PD)
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Available Frames

Click each to learn more about the frames, to see the lens options, and to see the frame color options that are available as prescription sunglasses. Prices range from $550 to $650, plus tax where applicable.

Explorer XL
Pipeline L

RX Trem™ Features

Athlete Alexandre Balaud

Angle of vision // RX Trem prescription sports sunglasses lenses offer the widest field of distortion-free vision possible, ensuring clear vision in all directions.

Light and tough // RX Trem lenses are made of light materials that are low-density (1.11 for NXT lenses) that are ultra-tough and particularly suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

Embedded treatment technology // All RX Trem lenses are treated with in-mass technology. The entire depth of the lens is colored, polarized and treated photochromically for optimum durability and resistance.

Immediate adaptation // Every RX Trem lens is designed to take account of the physiological features specific to each wearer. Incorporation of a compensating prism in the surface finish, together with the wide field of vision provided by the lens design, ensures that the wearer adapts to our equipment almost immediately. All RX Trem frames are covered by a one-month adaptation guarantee.

Ordering Details

  • Use the Prescription Tester (above) to determine which sunglasses will accommodate your prescription.
  • From the selection of available RX Trem™ frames, choose the frame that you are interested in and click on it.
  • On the page that appears, select the lens and frame color that you'd like among the RX Trem options that are listed.
  • Click to add your choice to the shopping cart.
  • A form will appear that will ask for your prescription — the same information that was collected while using the Prescription Tester.
  • Please double check your prescription numbers. If you have a question, contact Julbo USA at contact@[remove this text]julbousa.com.
  • After you submit your prescription, you will be directed to the shopping cart to make payment and check out.
  • You may ignore any 'out of stock' messages.  Each RX frame is a special order, and as such, 'out of stock'.
  • Julbo USA will review your order and contact you with any questions.
  • Processing of your custom sunglasses and delivery time may take up to a total of six weeks.
  • Julbo USA only ships to US addresses.

US and European prescription values

When you receive your new RX Trem™ sunglasses there will be additional paperwork enclosed in your package. Please do not be alarmed when you see the prescription values submitted by the lab. It will be different than what’s on your actual prescription. There are two ways to read and translate the same prescription. We tend to do it one way in the US and in Europe it’s expressed in another way — but they are the same prescription.

Prescription lens addition to standard warranty disclaimer

It is very important to submit current, accurate prescription information when ordering prescription lenses for use with Julbo eyewear. Failure to submit correct information regarding your prescription could result in blurred vision, eye strain, fatigue, and/or headaches.

Julbo recommends that you obtain your left and right eye Pupillary Distance measurements from a licensed eye doctor or optician. Many optical stores will provide this service free of charge.

Prescription lenses used in our eyewear are prepared at Julbo’s request by an independent, licensed provider of prescription lenses. Julbo does not perform or offer to perform services as an optometrist or optician.

FAQ: Insurance

Julbo is not a provider for any insurance plans at this time. You will have to pay for them upon checkout. We suggest you discuss Julbo RX Trem™ with your insurance carrier in advance. Once you enter your data in our “tester” we'll send you a Julbo RX Trem™ Order Update via e-mail confirming that your prescription will work with our frames and lenses. Your carrier should find this information useful. If they need more information they can call us at 800-651-0833.

FAQ: I own a pair of the Julbo sunglasses and I'm curious if I can purchase a set of just the RX Trem™ prescription lenses separately for my frame?

Unfortunately this is not something that we can do. Our RX Trem™ sunglasses are made in a specialized optical lab. The prescription lenses are custom made to fit each individual frame. A big part of the process is to properly fit the Rx lenses into the frame. The lab has a very precise method and process for creating Rx sunglasses from start to finish.

FAQ:  My order is showing as 'out of stock'.  What does that mean?

All Rx frames are special orders and, as such, they are 'out of stock'.  If there is an issue with your particular order, someone from Julbo will contact you.  In general, you can just ignore this message.


Prescription mountaineering sunglasses

Julbo RX Trem™ Prescription Sports Sunglasses

“I wore them for 30 days crossing the Andes cordillera in extreme conditions. The weather was bad on the first day as I left the tent so I didn't put them on immediately. An hour later, I knew they would never leave my face. Then I established a little routine: every morning, I emerged from the tent with my glasses on my nose and only took them off in the evening when I went to bed.”

—Didier Jourdain // member of the French High Mountain Military Group // Bivouak-Camel lens

Prescription mountain biking sunglasses

“Me, my sport and contact lenses don't seem to go together. I much prefer prescription technical lenses which allow me to compete on equal terms with the others! I no longer have issues with my sight and can really go for it with perfect vision under any conditions!”

—Alexandre Balaud // top mountain bike enduro athlete // Whoops-Zebra lens

Prescription sports sunglasses

Prescription sports sunglasses

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