Eye Wear and Sunglasses for Mountaineering

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The 125-year-old Julbo brand is built from a rich history in alpine-mountaineering, high-altitude and glacier exploration optics. Long at the forefront of optical and action sports equipment, Julbo eyewear can take you to new heights, too.

Julbo has created the finest collection of mountaineering sunglasses for high altitude and extreme conditions. The new Bivouak boasts the world’s first magnetic sideshields; snap them into place when you need extra solar protection, snap them off when you don’t.

Choose from Julbo’s illustrious lenses, including the glass AltiArc, which allow as little as 4% of visible light to pass through the lens. Other mountaineering sunglasses and glacier glasses feature photochromic, anti-fogging lenses that are tough as nails in an inhospitable environment. Choose Julbo goggles for full eye protection in howling wind and snow.

Why athletes recommend these Julbo sunglasses and glacier glasses for mountaineering:

  • Features such as removable sideshields and moldable temples
  • Anti-fog coatings make sunglasses resist fogging
  • Low rate of transmission of visible light
  • Wrap-around lenses offer an extra-wide field of view and coverage
  • Photochromic lenses darken or lighten depending on the light’s intensity

Julbo sunglasses for mountaineering

Some of these mountaineering sunglasses are available as prescription sunglasses — RX Trem™.

Bivouak - RX Trem available
Micropores PT
Explorer XL - RX Trem available
Explorer - RX Trem available
Trek - RX Trem available
Vermont Mythic
Vermont Classic
MonteRosa - RX Trem available
MonteBianco - RX Trem available
Pipeline - RX Trem available
Dirt - RX Trem available
Race - RX Trem available
Julbo Goggles

In the Press

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In 2013, Outside Magazine answers the question: “WHAT ARE THE BEST MOUNTAINEERING SUNGLASSES?” And as you might guess, it’s all about Julbo sunglasses! Read on... 



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Summer 2010 Outside Buyer’s Guide: Here's some of what the Outside Buyer’s Guide said about the Bivouak: "Julbo gives side-blinkered glacier glasses a sexy, multisport makeover. Photochromic lenses in brownish tint go from dark to really dark, ideally suited to ultrabright no-shade zones such as high alpine and deep desert. Since they are polarized, they're also water-worthy and a perfect match for lakes and streams..."

And on the Monterosa: "Remove the plastic side shields from these mountaineering-specific shades and you'll resemble any Boulderite. But once you reach the high country, evade sunburned eyeballs by snapping them back on. Studies show they'll block about 85 percent more light than going without."

Backpacker Magazine Fall/Winter 2009 Gear Guide spotlights the Bivouak: "...The polarized Camel lens has a filter that blocks a higher level of reflected UV, which eliminated glare and reduced eye strain on snowfields in Colorado's Zirkel Wilderness. And because the lenses are also photochromic (they darken in response to intense, high-altitude sunlight), testers rarely had to squint, even at 14,000 feet."

Inside Outdoor gives two thumbs up for the Bivouak.

Spokesman-Review selects the Julbo Dolgan sunglasses for adventures.

Skiing the Backcountry features the Gravit goggle.

Men's Journal included the Dolgan in a Geared Up section on climbing.

The American Alpine Institute awarded Julbo a “Guide’s Choice” Award, saying: "The professional guides of the institute see the Bivouak as the best product in its category because of its design, performance and durability. AAI guides love it because it’s strong and comfortable, but also so versatile."