Julbo’s kids sunglasses offer top-notch eye protection for children — from toddlers to teens.
Booba / ages 4-5 / $40
Solan / ages 4-6 / $40-$50
Player / ages 4-6 / $40
Turn / ages 4-8 / $40-$50
Naomi / ages 6-10 / $40-$50
Reach / ages 6-10 / $40-$50
Rookie / ages 8-12 / $40-$50
Reach L / ages 10-15 / $40-$50

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What is so important about eye protection for children?

Children’s eyes do not yet have a mature capacity for ocular protection; it takes about 25 years to develop. In the meantime, UV rays are permanently breaking down the eye’s capacity to absorb sunlight. Exposure without protection is dangerous for the surface of the eye, as well as for the crystalline lens and retina.

Between the ages of 3 and 10, children are extremely active and they need sunglasses that can take a lot of knocks while still looking cool and providing great eye protection.

As for 10- to 12-year-olds, their activities are more specialized and their tastes are becoming grown-up. Julbo’s collection of sunglasses for pre-teens respects their personality and activities, while being designed for their size and shape.

At Julbo, every model of kids sunglasses is designed to improve protection, hold firm on the face in all conditions, and ensure absolute comfort and total functionality.

When it comes to children, Julbo believes the world needs their vision.

Top-of-the-line lenses for kids sunglasses, just like the grown-ups

  • All Julbo lenses are optical class 1
  • They offer 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays
  • Sunglasses are shock resistant

High-quality frames for children’s sunglasses

  • Wrap-around design provides excellent coverage
  • Shock absorption
  • Curved temples

In the Media: Julbo’s sunglasses for children

Fitness Plus magazine praised the Solan sunglasses. “These glasses seem indestructable, which is good because the age group they're designed for — 4- to 6-year-olds — are going to do their best to destroy them — not on purpose, of course. Thankfully the Spectrum 3 polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant and the frame can be twisted and sat on (we tried) with no noticeable damage. Also notable: These soft shades will appeal to the parents of kids who hate wearing sunglasses.”

Parenting author Susan Heim raves about Julbo eye protection for kids in her blog:

“We’ve bought our share of cheap sunglasses from the store, and they never seem to fit right or last for long. But I recently found some children’s sunglasses that solve those problems! They’re made by Julbo, the leading manufacturer of eyewear for mountain climbers, sailors and extreme athletes, so they know the eyewear business! They have a great line of sunglasses for kids, ranging from newborns to teenagers. Their quality is so high because their children’s glasses are not just miniature versions of adult glasses. Julbo’s designers have considered the actual dimensions and structure of children’s faces to create glasses that fit comfortably and provide maximum protection from UV rays.”

Vision Care Product News says, “Inspired by years of making sunwear for extreme outdoor sports, Julbo’s sunwear collection for kids promises to be the ideal solution for active children.”

Mudpies and Mary Janes blog highlights Julbo's sunglasses for children for their protection and style - for infants to teens.

Wildernessforkids.com says Julbo’s Match, Ozone and Coach sunglasses for children are among the very best: “For quality, selection and performance, I score these a perfect 10.”

Adventure Cyclist reviewed Julbo kids sunglasses as a great gift for children.

USA Today says, "Kids Need Sunglasses Too." Read the article here >