Julbo sunglasses provide essential eye protection for babies and toddlers.
Looping 1 / 0-18 months / $35
Looping 2 / 12-24 months / $35
Looping 3 / ages 2-4 / $35

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Protecting babies' eyes

The younger the child is, the more vulnerable their eyes are. Unlike an adult's eye, the lens in a child's eye has almost no protective pigments. A child's crystalline lens is totally transparent with a very large pupil. Children's eyes therefore absorb much more harmful solar radiation than adults.

Even in the shade, the eyes are exposed to UV rays reflected by the clouds, water, snow, sand and asphalt. Sunglasses are important for eye protection for babies, just as they are for moms and dads!

Julbo’s popular Looping line of sunglasses are specially designed for babies, infants and toddlers. Three different sizes are offered in the Looping 1, 2 and 3. Choose the model according to the age of your child.

What are the things to look for in the best sunglasses for babies and toddlers?

Up until the age of 3, small children look up to see the world. The best sunglasses for babies protect youngsters with:

  • Substantial coverage around the eyes
  • Flexible frames and strong lenses that can take a lot of activity
  • Sunglasses that are centered for upside or downside use
  • And dark lenses such as Julbo’s category 4 lenses for minimal visible light transmission (only 5%)

Top-quality lenses in Julbo’s sunglasses for babies

  • Julbo lenses are optical class 1
  • They provide 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays
  • They are shock resistant

Looping frames are made for a baby’s face

  • Handy reversible and flexible frames—there is no wrong way to put them on
  • Wrap-around styling provides excellent coverage and protection
  • Flexible and shock absorbing frames
  • Fun, colorful style for the little ones

Julbo’s sunglasses for babies are in the news

Parents magazine: In an issue focusing on "Fun in the Sun," Parents included Julbo Looping sunglasses in their list of summer gear for children.

InTheKnowMom.net says: "I love the Julbo Looping glasses, which are especially made for babies and toddlers, for so many reasons. I love that Kade gets the UV protection his eyes need and the fit that that need requires."

American Baby puts spotlight on the Looping sunglasses for babies by Julbo: “Big lenses and frames wrap all the way around a child’s eyes to provide maximum protection.” 

Explore It featured the Looping 3 kids sunglasses, calling them a “flexible and nearly indestructible set of shades.”

Parenting.com gives Julbo's Looping 1 a “Fave” review for a real solution in kid-friendly sunglasses, with flexibility and a head strap to stay put when playing.

The Dirty Shirt’s review of Julbo eye protection for kids says this about the Looping sunglasses for infants: “The fit along the nose and the sides of my daughter’s head was perfect and the ease of sliding them on and off was great!”

Parent & Child published a selection of gear for snowy days, and said Julbo’s Looping “all-weather sunglasses for kids offer 100% UV protection, and are as comfortable as they are cute.”

Mom & Baby stressed the importance of protecting an infant’s eyes, and featured Julbo's sunglasses for babies because of their hinge-free design and detachable head strap.

SafBaby.com approves of the Looping models, saying: “There is no paint decorating these sunglasses, so no need to worry about lead paint with these shades. Julbo Sunglasses for baby and toddler are non-toxic! Also, I was pretty amazed at how resilient these rubber arms are. My baby girl has definitely tested their flexibility and they passed with flying colors!”

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